About the Wisdom Goddess Project – How it began

Yes, I am the photographer and curator for THE WISDOM GODDESS PROJECT Exhibit having worked professionally as a photographer for over 20 years.

In 2017, right as I approached my 65thbirthday, I had a powerful Question or two.

What is awaiting me as I age from now on? What kind of a life do I want to have going forward?
Is it even an option to think in terms of making my life smaller and more fearful?
Should I worry more? Have less fun because I am of Medicare Age? NO NO NO was my answer.

I decided to investigate those women who continue to thrive and bemorebold and more adventurous as they aged   Hmmm … The ones that do not fit the mold of the little old lady or those who gave up because they got to a certain age number. In French “ les dames d’un certain age.“

So, this Exhibit came about with lots of help from my friends… when I told people I was looking for extraordinary, fully alive, adventurous, fun-loving, fully committed women with purposeful lives, living with gusto … people would feed me names. Wendy Petty, John Ruane, Penny Pearlman, Prill Boyle, to name a few, all introduced me to women who might say “yes”. Some did not even know what they were saying yes to doing but did so anyway. I Like that. And let’s not forget to thank Mark and Gail the owners of X. Po. Zur Gallery for saying yes to me as well. and allowing the exhibit to live in their beautiful space until January of 2019 ~ Thank YOU !!!!!

I want to also thank my amazing life partner and love, Rozanne for all her input and her adventurous fun spirit getting the word out on line and elsewhere, designing the flyer & Press Release and her huge willingness to always give me the wisdom of her heart and mind.

So, -thank you all for saying yes and just look at these wonderful women! Give each of them your respect and attention as they are amazing examples of what makes a life vital and full. We all get older and possibly even wiser.

So, I encourage you to get to know each of these amazing women, to learn a bit about their lives, their challenges and hardships as well as their joys and triumphs.  They have so much to share and so much to offer our fractured world… and yet too few look in their direction for answers they actually have and can give us.  Enjoy the exhibit which will be at X.Po.Zur Gallery in Westport at 263 Riverside Avenue, Westport CT.  Please call the gallery to make an appointment to see this inspiring exhibit. It will put a smile on your face.