The powerful use of photographs

Photographs say so much about you… whether you understand the rules of the game you are in, the expectations that you will make yourself available to be as authentic and real looking as you are. If you are a professional yet you do not take the time of effort to present yourself professionally, what would this say about you?
That you don’t care that much, that you don’t know how, that you are not ready to get out there, that you don’t like yourself enough to give yourself what you need to become all you can be in your desired profession…. i think so actually.
So, what would be the most caring and loving thing to do for yourself?
Get a great professional image so that you can be proud to get yourself out there in the world in a powerful, beautiful or handsome way.
The photo says so much… why not tell the best story you can about yourself….
get a great professional portrait done.