Isabel Boardman – Wisdom Goddess Project Participant

Isabel Boardman


Isabel Boardman was a Classical singer who performed with her husband Roger Boardman, pianist, in the New York area as well as abroad in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria. They both taught at New York University where they met; he as the head of the Piano Department and she in her capacity as the head of the Voice Department. A Match made in heaven.

Isabel has a daughter and two granddaughters living in Monroe, CT.

She lives in Westport, CT.

Right now, she is totally passionate about Yoga and Tai Chi.

Sheis 96 years young.

Here is a direct quote about how these activities make her feel.

“I find it hard to describe the feeling of Chi (energy) when I practice Tai Chi.
The movements of my hands gather energy from the air transferring it to all parts of my body. I find that I can move more easily, gracefully and in a more balanced way.

I suggest you try it as well. Tai Chi has many more benefits. It is an active form of meditation and concentration which relieves stress.
Tai Chi is my passion.”